Weston Antiques Show – 2023, CANCELLED.

63rd Weston Antiques Show – 2023

The Weston Antiques Show has been CANCELED for this year!  Unfortunately, damage from the Flood of 2023 has caused enough damage to the interior of our beloved Weston Playhouse that significant remediation and repairs will be needed.  While the building itself survived the flooding – for the third time, our interiors, mechanical, electrical and other systems will need some major work.  Our priorities will be to repair, replace and restore this grand old building to it’s former glory over the next several months, and to reduce the impact of major weather events in the future.  We appreciate the support and encouragement we’ve received from local community, our participants and folks near and far and we look forward to seeing you next year for the 2024 Weston Antiques Show!

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