About the Show

“It’s not a large show, 30 dealers, but they are outstanding dealers and they save stuff all year long to bring to this show.” That’s how Antiques and the Arts Weekly described our 2018 show and then concluded “If you’ve never been to this show, and you like American antiques, plan on visiting it next year.” We couldn’t agree more and look forward to welcoming you this October. After all, it is “next year” now.

Since the Weston Antiques Show’s inception, more than 90,000 attendees have enjoyed the show and well over $1,000,000 has been raised for historic preservation. The Weston Antiques Show, one of the oldest shows in the country and now in its 61st year, is widely regarded as one of the best small shows anywhere, and is distinguished by its dealers, location, attendees, community support, and where the proceeds go.

Most shows are mainly country, Americana, or some other specialty.  They have a ‘stable of dealers’, often from that region, who do shows produced by that show manager.  Not ours.  We feature dealers from across the country with a wide variety of antiques – American, English, country, formal, furniture, accessories, and fine art. And, unlike most shows, we take the risk out of buying – our exhibitors guarantee what they sell.

Most shows are in a school gymnasium, skating rink, hotel, or even outside. They have large rectangular booths.  Not ours.  We are in a Greek revival building with odd angles, ceiling heights, and room sizes. We have silver in the closet, rugs on seat backs and theatre walls, paintings in the lobby, linens in dressing rooms, and furniture and accessories throughout.  All this, we feel, adds to the charm of the show.

Most shows draw on urban areas or the trade.  Not ours.  Our little town swells to welcome over 2,000 attendees who come from near and far.  Some have attended for decades and others are first-timers.  Some are collectors or dealers and others are looking for that perfect piece for their home in the area or a neighboring state. All enjoy our quintessential Vermont town at the height of fall foliage.

A rarity among antiques shows today, volunteers still organize and produce our show.  Many are active throughout the year lining up dealers and doing marketing.  Others get involved at show time – staffing the box office, greeting attendees, arranging flowers, or a myriad of other activities. We appreciate the generous support of our corporate sponsors and dozens of area small businesses who contribute products and services.

Proceeds from most shows leave the area.  Not ours.  We provide more than half the funds needed to maintain the treasures that are the very heart of Weston. Unlike other towns whose pristine buildings and fields are maintained by private foundations or funded by municipal or state governments, we preserve our museums, community buildings, and parks through volunteer efforts such as the Weston Antiques Show.

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