The Weston Antiques Show is a benefit for historic preservation of these timeless buildings and spaces:

The Weston Antiques Show, along with the Weston Craft Show and Christmas Bazaar, are volunteer-run events of the Weston Community Association to benefit the five historic properties listed below, which are owned and managed by the WCA.

The Weston Playhouse provides a variety of social, civic, educational, and cultural events for the village, its neighbors, and friends. It is home to the Vermont’s oldest professional theatre company, the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company. This award-winning theatre company serves 30,000 theatre-goers annually. It is also the venue for Town Meeting, Weston Antiques Show and Craft Show and various public and private functions.

Constructed in 1795-97, the Farrar-Mansur Museum is the oldest house in the village. Originally a home and tavern for stagecoach travelers, it now houses a collection of early furnishings, paintings and artifacts, all of which were made or used in Weston. The Weston Historical Society, founded in 1966, has curatorial responsibility for the museums and has received statewide recognition for the interpretative presentation of their collections.

Built in 1780 as a sawmill and later adapted to a grist mill, it produced lumber, farm tools, grain and even electricity for many Weston homes and farms. Destroyed by fire in 1900 the Mill was rebuilt in 1936 to conform more closely to the 1900 structure  as part of the establishment of the Vermont Guild of Old Time Crafts and Industries. The 100-year flood in 1973 wreaked more havoc. After undergoing reconstruction in 1998, today it is a museum with a renowned collection of machinery and tools from Weston’s industrial and farming past.

One of the earliest structures in Weston, exactly when it was built, and by whom, is not known. It was the town firehouse in the early 1900’s. In 1936 the newly formed Vermont Guild of Old Time Crafts and Industries established a working museum for people to visit. Now it is home to the Weston Band Wagon, customized in 1880 for the Cornet Band and meticulously restored in 1990.

Today a serene setting of grass, shade trees, ponds, and waterfalls, Cold Spring Brook Park was the heart of Weston’s commercial and industrial core in the 19th century. A butter tub and cheese box factory, a wool carding and fulling mill, and a tannery were along the brook. An earthen dam upstream powered the mills.

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