Please Support Weston’s Historic Treasures

The 2020 Weston Antiques show has been cancelled…So have the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company season, the Weston Craft Show and the Christmas Bazaar.

These fundraising events provide 85-90% of the annual cost to maintain and enhance the Weston Playhouse (home to the Antiques Show), the three Museums of Weston next door and the Cold Spring Brook Memorial park around the corner, all of which are properties and responsibility of the Weston Community Association.

Would you consider a donation of any amount to support our preservation of these historic and vital properties during this “time of troubles”? If so, please send a check to:

Weston Community Association
P.O. Box 126
Weston, VT 05161

Our museums date back to the 18th century, so you could look at this as an investment in antiques. On a more serious note, any consideration that you might give us will be received with most sincere appreciation. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by mail.

Thank you for visiting this page.

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